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Root Mass Disruption

As an alternative to herbicide treatments the Root Mass Disruption method works well and stops regeneration of woody plant regrowth.
Root Mass Disruption Process
  • Right of way is cleared of all unwanted vegetaiton

  • Root Mass Disruption unit is brought onto the right of way and all root mass is ground 12-14" below the soil surface. This unit will grind rocks and stumps, leaving a desirable seed bed.

  • When the Root Mass Disruption is completed, the site is ready to be seeded with whatever seeding method is requested for required: Hydro seeding, Brillion seeding, sodding, etc.

  • We have several seed combinations available: Wildlife Habitat Mixes, Wildflower Mixes, Prairie Flower Medley, MN/DOT Certified Blend, Lawn Type Seeds; whichever material the customer desires, or whichever combination best fits the site.

  • All of the above results in a clean right of way with new growth of more desirable plants.

Before, during, and after Root Mass Disruption.
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