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Job Planning & Notification Services

Central Applicators can provide pre-work job planning and landowner notification services for both roadside rights-of-way and utility rights-of-way herbicide applications, trimming and brush/tree removal. Our two main forms of notification include mass postal mailings and door-to-door.  These services are used based on the size and scope of the notification work needed by our customers. 

  • Landowner/customer information is compiled into our computer database

  • If needed, courthouse research or cross-referencing is conducted in order to find the most up-to-date landowner information available

  • Notification letters or permission cards are mailed out to all affected landowners/customers explaining the upcoming work and their method or timeline of response

  • During the mass mailing notification process, Central Applicators' notification personnel are available during regular business hours to address any questions or concerns landowners may have with the future work plans

  • Landowners can call or return permission request forms, within the notification timeline, and include any special instructions they may have for the future work

  • In the case of rights-of-way herbicide applications, Central Applicators will cross reference the MDA Certified Organic Farmers List, and other past information compiled on 'no spray' requests or easement restrictions within the rights-of-way where work will be occuring to assure these areas are given the proper buffers needed during applications

  • Landowner/customer information is compiled into our computer database

  • Central Applicators personnel notify landowners in person about future work plans

  • Our notifiers discuss and explain to landowners the reasons for the upcoming work needed to be completed

  • Personnel obtain signed permission from landowners for work being performed with any special instructions

  • Central Applicators' employees will collect appropriate vegetation maintenance data and compile a job plan based on the type of maintenance being performed

  • All Central Applicators notification vehicles are equipped with a laptop computer or smart pad, cell phone and GPS units

Once the permission request forms are returned either from the mass mailings or door-to-door notification process, all of the information is entered into the computer database for each landowner.  Job maps are developed on our ARC GIS program and information is given out to our crews performing the work.  We do not give out any of our collected data to third parties.  Central Applicators takes into account any State and Federal Land restrictions and can help the customer identify areas where notification to Area Managers or easement restrictions need to be addressed.  We will work with our customers, if need be, to obtain the proper permits needed to allow work to proceed in these State or Federal areas/rights-of-way.  For more information about our notification and job planning procedures please contact our office at 1-(800)-642-6559. 

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