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About Us


Gary and Denise Corrigan began Central Applicators in 1981 as a rights-of-way vegetation management company focused on noxious weed and brush control in roadside rights-of-way by both mechanical and chemical means. In the early 1980s the two worked for local townships and counties focusing on mechanical brush removal and roadside herbicide applications for noxious weeds and brush control.  They worked hand in hand with industry experts helping refine application methods and mixologies as well as best management practices.  Gary and Denise continued to grow Central Applicators as a business while working full-time jobs, farming and raising a family of four. 

As the years went by, Gary and Denise expanded their business and customer base providing vegetation maintenance to entities such as MNDOT, multiple townships and counties, as well as several Minnesota based power cooperatives and transmission companies.  With the expansion of work geared towards not only roadside rights-of-way vegetation management but also utility line vegetation management, Central Applicators diversified and began offering new services to its' clients based on their ever changing needs.  Gary and Denise always kept an eye to the future and allowed their employees to expand their divisions, utilize the right equipment for the jobs at hand and allow for growth into untapped markets and customers.  This has helped Central Applicators maintain great relationships with its' customers, many of whom it has had decades long partnerships with.

In January of 2015, three longtime employees, Isaac Winkelman, Bryan Bruening and Heath Farmen took over ownership of Central Applicators to continue providing vegetation maintenance options to utilities, municipalities, counties and townships.  Central Applicators has continued to stay up to date with the latest innovations in herbicide applications and formulations, vegetation maintenance and restoration equipment, as well as best management practices in the fields of invasive species control and the utility arboriculture industry.  Over the past several years the company has added many new services pertaining to GIS Mapping, Thermographic Imaging, Line Patrol, Rights-of-Way Restoration, Mechanical Trimming, Vegetation Assessment and Noxious Weed Control. 

Our team of professionals include:

  • ISA Certified Arborists 

  • TCIA EHAP (Electrical Hazards Awareness Program) Certified Tree Workers

  • ACRT Urban Forestry Trained Individuals in Substation Ground Maintenance Personnel & Herbicide Applicators

  • Rights-of-Way Applicators licensed in MN, ND, SD & WI

  • Turf & Ornamental Applicators

  • ITC Certified Level 1 Thermographers

  • First Aid/CPR & Bloodborne Pathogens Certified Individuals

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